Exceptional Selection of Cigars

We offer an unmatched selection of fine cigars. Choose from our endless selection of different brands and varieties of cigars, including Arturo Fuente Opus X, Davidoff, Liga Privada, Padron, Tatuaje, Roma Craft Tobac and Fable.

We are dedicated to offering the very best in all price ranges. The size of our selection is a testament to our tireless efforts to locate the best in premium cigars. No cigar brand makes our shelves without being personally tested to ensure it lives up to the exacting standards our customers have come to expect regardless of their budget.

We also carry a wide selection of cigar accessories such as cigar ashtrays, cigar cases, cigar cutters/punches, cigar humidification and cigar lighters.


Phenomenal Selection of Pipes

At Dad’s Cigar Warehouse we pride our selves on having one of the the largest selections of pipes and pipe tobaccos. Our selection ranges from the every day affordable pipes to the high end name brands.

We also carry bulk pipe tobacco to premium and boutique pipe tobacco including the most popular brands and much more in sizes ranging from bulk bags to tins and pouches.

Whatever kind of pipe or pipe tobacco you are searching for, rest assured, Dad’s Cigar Warehouse has got you covered.

We also carry all kinds of pipe accessories such as pipe cleaning supplies, pipe filters, pipe holders, pipe lighters, pipe stands, pipe tobacco pouches and pipe tools.


Unmatched Selection of Hookah Pipes

Have you ever smoked a hookah pipe? Well its absolutely awesome. Hookah pipes are the only type of smoking product which you can enjoy with a group of friends. You can spend hours enjoying the company of your friends and flavor of the smoke. They also look beautiful.

We have a the awesomest hookah pipes around. To accompany that we have the largest selection of hookah tobaccos with hundreds of flavors and brands to choose from.


Great Selection of Cigarettes Domestic & International

For all things tobacco we are a one stop shop. You have the convenience of finding all your tobacco products under one roof, even your good old “cig” international or domestic.

We also have electronic cigarettes, RYO (roll your own) products and many cigarette accessories to choose from.


A Wide Range of Gift Items

Remember when you walk in to a beautiful store and see all kinds of beautiful chess sets and domino sets?

Think about the last time you walked into a store and saw shaving kits (shaving brushes and straight razors)?

We are sure it’s been a while since you’ve felt nostalgic walking into a store, well we guarantee you will feel that the second you walk into Dad’s Cigar Warehouse and see our collection of games and shaving products along with many other gift items we sell.

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